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This mountain is a popular hike for tourists visiting the Lofoten Islands. Located right in the middle of the Uttakleiv and Haukland beaches in Vestvagoy, reaching the top offers stunning scenery.

Mannen is a mountain whose peak is located 400 meters above the ground. It usually takes 2 – 3 hours round trip to complete, but you can stop right before the thin ridge begins to maximize your time.

Hiking Trivia

  • Difficulty


  • Distance

    3.5km (Round Trip)

  • Elevation Gain

    380m (1250ft)

  • Length

    2 – 3 Hours (Round Trip)

Mannen Map
Credit to Norgeskart

How to Get There

You can get to Mannen by driving to Haukland beach and parking here.

Mannen Mountain Peak

Even the scenery going to the hike is beautiful!

Mannen Route

From the parking lot, cross the highway (left) to the other side. The paved road (right) is the start of the trail going up Mannen.

The Hike Itself

Mannen View showing meadows and beach
Along the way, families of sheep graze in the meadows, while you are constantly rewarded with views of Haukland beach.
Mannen Waterfall
Look at this cute baby waterfall on the way up!
Mannel Trails
The trail continues to go up on a well marked path.
Extended view of Mannen
You will see more and more of the two coasts as you go higher.
Mannen Scenery
There are numerous spots where you can take a breather and admire the scenery.
Mannen Drone Shot
Drone shot of all of us on Mannen

Once at the top, make sure you take your time to enjoy the view. Can you find us in this photo? That’s me piloting the drone with my mom and dad beside me.

If you wish to go past this point, you can continue hiking to the peak of the next mountain – Veggen. There is a flag marking the end of the trail.


Going down is much faster than the initial ascent. Still, sections with boulders (as shown earlier) and parts near the cliff can become tricky.

Returning Trails
We advise caution near these areas of the trail
After Returning from hike
The descent becomes easier once you return to this point.
Haukland beach
After your hike, you can walk from Haukland to Uttakliev beach along the coast.
Haukland and Uttakliev beaches
Apparently, you can also camp in both Haukland and Uttakliev beaches! This is an awesome idea to wait and capture photos of the midnight sun!

This was the most straightforward hike we did on our trip. The weather was perfect! The Ornfloya hike we did earlier was supposed to be the easiest one due to its short length, but the 30m/s winds made it very difficult! Check it out here.


  1. Have enough water. Dehydration contributes to fatigue.
  2. Good hiking shoes and non-blistering socks make a huge difference!
  3. Use the toilet in the parking lot. It’s the only one for the whole trail.
  4. Snacks like chocolates or bananas help you fuel up during the hike.
  5. Check the weather. It is not safe to do this hike on a rainy day.
  6. Hiking sticks are very helpful, especially on the parts with boulders.
  7. Do not stray off the path. This is dangerous, irresponsible, and damaging to the nature around you.
  8. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.
  9. Mountain weather can change rapidly and unexpectedly – always bring backup jackets! Check out our clothing blog to see what to wear!

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