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A rorbuer is a traditional Norwegian fisherman’s house in a fishing village. It is used when fishermen go to Lofoten to fish. Most of them are red because this was the cheapest painting color during those times. Nowadays, they are being used as lodging for tourists.

We chose to stay in a rorbu in Kabelvag for the first three nights of our Lofoten Islands Itinerary. The location was perfect to see the northern part of the archipelago. We stayed in Nyavagar Rorbuhotell which consists of rorbuer in a fishing village. We loved a lot of things about our hotel – the location, the charm of being in a former fishing village, and the availability of a spa and restaurant on site. We also loved the cozy ambiance in our rooms, and our waterfront views.

Nyavagar Rorbuhotell Parking Lot
Walking towards our room from the parking lot. Loving these fish nets!
Nyavagar Rorbuhotell Outside View
The views outside are beautiful!

Check out our home in Kabelvag. The views outside were awesome! We loved staying in a fishing village!

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