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Ornfloya is a small hill located in the tiny town of Sommaroy. After a small hike to its top, you can see the ocean and the village at once.

Hiking Trivia

  • Difficulty


  • Distance

    2.4km (Round Trip)

  • Elevation Gain

    Gain: 155m (510ft)

  • Length

    2 Hours (Round Trip)

How to Get There

There is a small car park next to the start of the trail at 69°36’28.6″N 18°04’12.2″E. It’s a mere 5-minute drive from Sommaroy or an hour from Tromso. If you cross the road from there, you will see a sign with the word “Ornfloya” inscribed on it. Simply follow the trail to start the hike.

The Hike Itself

Hiking Ornfloya
Barely visible Ornfloya Trail sign up above us
Muddy region
For a short time, you must cross a dirt region that can be muddy, depending on the weather before your hike.
Initial Hike
The initial hike is this steep.
Ornfloya Top View
What awesome views!
View while Hiking
There are a lot of small spots to take a photo on the way.

Being a short hike (minus the wind), we quickly reached the end. Here’s a look at the view.

The really strong winds made this hike more challenging. We hiked back as fast as we could since the rain was also about to fall.


  1. Check the weather before hiking. You don’t want to get caught up in a mini hurricane.
  2. There are no toilets anywhere nearby, so plan accordingly.
  3. Hiking sticks are a helpful tool.
  4. You can do this as a day trip from Tromso but if you don’t mind transferring hotels, Sommaroy is worthy of a one night stop. We stayed in a lovely hotel – the only one in town. Check it out here!
  5. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

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