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Ahhh, you finally made it to that spot after hiking all those miles. It’s time to take that photo for very much earned bragging rights. It can also be as simple as a selfie to preserve those moments. Here are the things we used during all our travels and hikes. We narrowed it down to the basic ones. 

1 – Camera

As much as I don’t want to admit it, the latest iPhone camera (as of this writing) was worth the upgrade. If we could keep our phones until they die, we would. But since my husband broke his old iPhone 6 Plus, we agreed to upgrade him to the iPhone 13. We have then used it for wide angle shots and videos as well. The 4K option provides crystal clear recordings. 


Yes, your phone is enough for those glorious photos, but if want to take it one notch higher for you to be able to edit them, these DSLRs are worth their weight. Choose one that has a zoom lens for those birds and sheep that you see wandering during your hikes. This is what we use. 

3- Drone

We just recently started using this and it’s a game changer. We are very happy with this model we purchased. It’s small, compact and with the size & weight, you don’t need to register it unlike other bigger models. 

4-  Selfie sticks 

As much as possible, we prefer not to ask people to take our photos so we bring this everywhere we go. We prefer light and extendable ones. 

5- Portable phone chargers 

Whether you see that “low battery” message because you’ve used up your battery for GPS navigation or by soaking up all the beauty around you by taking videos and photos, these are as essential as the phones themselves.

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