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We love and swear by the travel items we use and share here. When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links, we will earn some boba pearl money. We’ll have more energy ⚡ from the sugar in the drink to give you more content 😍 The cost is no addition to you. 👉👈

Travel Essentials

We’ve traveled so much that we’ve managed to break a lot of luggage and bags during our trips. We have a variety of luggage from high end ones to practical ones. Among all of them, these are our favorites for their functionality, durability and design. 

1 – Apple Air Tags

With all the luggage being lost and delayed, especially this last summer of  2022, it is a worthwhile investment to buy these things. With these air tags, you can track your bags’ location from your phone. We had extra peace of mind traveling with these.



2 – For all your photography & electronic stuffs: Peak Design 

Why we love it: Pricey, it’s true, but I’ve never been so happy with a bag that what was once a chore of packing gears is now an enjoyable thing to do. Its flexible compartmental design has also taught our son the importance of being organized. The side access is also such an intelligent feature! Getting your stuff deep inside the bag is now much easier. 

Peak Design has a lot of other awesome bags and you can check their website. We also have their tech pouch for all our chargers and cables.

We also love their women’s packing organizer for toiletries.

2 – For organizing all your clothes: Packing Cubes 

Why we love them: I cannot imagine traveling without these. They have simplified packing and unpacking for myself and the family. You can pack them in whatever system you want- by day or by type of clothes(shirts, pants, etc) 

These are also similar to packing cubes except that they can be compressed, leaving you with more space. We use this for bulky materials like sweaters.

What about you? What travels items do you find very useful?

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